“Another Trick Up Your Sub-Conscious Mind’s Sleeve” by Mathura Kannan (2016)

Have you ever had that moment when you realised that you know a material or technique so well but you’ve never applied it? I have had that moment plenty of times, especially recently.

Let me give you an example. I am someone who has done a lot of research on dressing well according to your body shape using different colours, patterns and cutting. But if you knew me personally, you will know that I don’t apply any of this knowledge I have accumulated.

This situation is quite common. We learn about the Law of Vibration and Attraction (www.ascendancepro.com), gratitude, repetition of goals, but we only study the methods. We thoroughly research the pros and cons of these methods but it is so hard for us to take the first step and begin applying them. You might wonder why.

When we decide to set a goal or ‘learn’ and apply something new, we are actually shocking our subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is meant to improve whatever you have programmed in it so far. So if your previous programming was to watch YouTube all day long aimlessly, it will search for ways and means to make you better at doing it. When you make the decision to not watch YouTube all day long but rather work on your goals (let’s assume it is online marketing), you are harming your old programming. According to your subconscious, you are being really stupid and you need to be corrected as soon as possible. One of the methods it uses is to make you think you have become good at doing something.

Let’s bring back the knowledge into the story. So when you start doing research on online marketing methods and platforms, it may seem like you are making progress towards your goals but actually you have barely moved. The most important thing is to try out the methods you have learned, use them to come up with more creative ideas and etc. But, the mighty sub conscious mind is quite cunning. It will create an illusion that you have learnt how to do online marketing and therefore do not need to try out those methods.

Identifying when your subconscious has fooled you is quite challenging.

The solution is quite simple really. It is to just take action; just go and apply it. Use your willpower. My suggestion to recognise this trick is to always check your progress from one week to another. And if you are a knowledge junkie, check if you have applied any of the knowledge you have accumulated recently. This is not a one-time process though, because you need to constantly apply the knowledge you have gained. You might apply it for a week and then assume you have mastered it. Trust me, I fall for this trick way too often.

And to finish it off, I have listed down the things which was just pure, useless knowledge for a long time. Some of it still is and some are becoming more useful as I begin to apply them. Maybe it will help you to start identifying these types of knowledge that you don’t normally use and begin applying them.

  1. Drinking loads of water. I know the benefits, but I am nowhere close to applying it.
  2. Responding to situations, the SIEP method. You get tricked into thinking that repeating ‘SIEP’ in your mind is good enough. Silly but happens quite often.
  3. Respecting time and being punctual. This is something I personally got tricked by. I even wrote an article about it, but recently I have been becoming less and less punctual.
  4. Repetition of goals. I know that I need to repeat my goals and how repeating them will attract opportunities and obstacles related to my goals. But it took me forever to begin repeating and is taking even longer to form a consistent habit pattern.
  5. Visualisation of your goals is a really powerful method but I have yet to make it a habit.

– Mathura

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