“Having A Goal Related Environment Helps!” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

Having goals are super awesome. Everyone has different goals, different things that makes their Hearts’ happy. Your Heart whispers to you things that bring you higher and get you closer to discovering yourself.

Your goals are things that your Heart tells you to do and most of the time, it’s something that you already are super passionate about and love working on. And when you’re working on something you love, not only are your chances of success much higher than working in some boring nine to five job, but it’s also really fun and exciting!

It’s also really important that when you are working on your goals, you hang out with people related to it or who could support it. Because no matter how passionate you are, or how fun your goals can be, if you’re in an environment full of people who don’t believe in what you are doing, doubts and worries from their thoughts will start to sprout in your own Mind.

Being in an environment surrounded by people with goals is pretty cool because you can see and feel the joy of working on your goals every moment you’re around them. For example, I come home from school every day super pumped up and excited to work on my stuff, even if I am exhausted from my day. That’s mostly because I see my mom, sister, friends and teammates all working on what they love and it’s very motivating.

Even if I’m not exactly in the mood to be productive, putting myself in an environment where I can see everyone working happily and passionately on what they love keeps me going and makes me feel productive too. 

When I’m working on my goals and the things my Heart wants, I feel incredibly at peace and focused. Those are the times where I get loads of stuff done and it’s very cool to feel like that. If you have a goal, and you are passionately pursuing it, you’d probably understand how it feels when you are fixated on getting your stuff done. Again, your environment is very important here because you need to be around people who are in a similar wavelength. If you aren’t, it can get kinda frustrating when the people around you don’t see what you so busy work on, thus demotivating you from working any further on your goals.

At times like that, when the people around you can’t see how great it is to do your Heart’s bidding, you might start you doubt if you are on the right track. So that’s the time you need to go and find an environment of people who are equally caught up in their goals. They will continue to support you and keep you on track even if you’re swaying here and there.

Your environment can make you or break you, so choosing the right environment can be very tricky. You need to be with people who you know can help you get to your goals. At first being in an environment like that might make you feel uncomfortable and scared, but if it’s the right environment, your Heart will know and you need to trust it and keep going back.

My environment helps me by keeping me in a goal-focused world. It makes sure I don’t get off track and keeps me centered. This is pretty important because I’m at school for most of my day. And though school is a big part of my goals and I love learning about things, the environment there isn’t always goal-focused. And sometimes when I spend too much time being involved in the day-to-day things that happen in school, I end up getting myself drawn into the problems and events that are unrelated to anything my Heart says; it can be draining and deludes me off the path to achieving what I want. 

So to counter that, I go back to my goal-related environment where I recharge and get myself back to working on my stuff. The more time I spend in this new environment, the stronger my new programming is and the higher my chances are of getting my dreams accomplished.

As I said, you environment plays a big, huge, important role in your journey to success. It could speed you up by years or slow you down by miles, it depends on what your environment around you is. Being in the right environment kind of makes use of our not-so-good programming of following P.E.I.S. (Insert article for S.I.E.P LINK). By using S.I.E.P., we end getting our senses involved  in a goal related place to get the right info we need to move forward.

So find your own goal related environment and enjoy the fun of working towards your goals!

– Harsha

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