“Getting Rid of Scarcity” by Heerraa Ravindran (2016)

Scarcity mentally is when you feel like you don’t have enough of something and strive to keep what’s “yours” and get more just in case you don’t have enough, although there’s more than enough for everyone. Well, at least that’s my definition. 

Now, before you think of it as a bad thing, let me remind you, that every one of us has this mentally when it comes to something. Mine is when food comes into the picture…

I don’t like sharing because I’m scared there won’t be enough and that I’ll get hungry later. Well, I’m changing that mentally slowly. My mum likes to point out that there’s enough in the world for everyone. And that if I do get hungry, we could always just get more food. Now, this is actually a condition I’ve programmed into myself and I don’t even know why. The thing is, I can see that this mindset is not necessary when queuing up or when going shopping, yet I get blinded when it comes to food. So what am I doing about this?

Well, sometimes for break in school, I bring more food for my friends to share. Although I still have this strong mind block, by slowly taking baby steps and trying to change my habit pattern, I know I’ll get there eventually.

You may ask, what’s wrong with scarcity mentally, after all, we’re just making sure we’re taking care of ourselves first? Well actually, you’re not. By taking more than you need, you end up taking what someone may actually need. Whether in terms of food or buying things you don’t need, the cycle will always return, just in different forms. Nature endures it. Maybe you need something that is related to your goals and will help you grow. But if you continuously take more than what you need from Nature, Nature will slow down what it gives to you, delaying the process. Pretty deep, huh?

Take conscious effort to change and remember to take only what you need.

– Heerraa

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