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A Sneak Peek into What Is In The Teenage Entrepreneur Platform

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What’s On The Teenage Entrepreneur Platform?

Learn from Entrepreneurs Across the World

Learn from snippets of experiences, featured stories and interviews with entrepreneurs from all across the world and discover more of what happens behind the scenes of your favourite industries.

Daily/ Weekly Lessons & Vlogs from Teenage Entrepreneurs

See how other teenage entrepreneurs are applying these skills and knowledge in their daily lives through fun, quick daily/weekly vlogs where they shed light on what the life of a teenage entrepreneur looks like.

Live Monthly Virtual Workshops by Ascendance

Engage and experience Ascendance’s live virtual workshops that build the necessary skills needed to become a teenage entrepreneur.

What Is Ascendance?

Our Impact:




Gen Zs



Our Story

Ascendance is an international youth movement that inspires guides and provides the resources for youngsters to build the future that they want to live in. These six years have shown us just how much is possible when we all come together collectively. Ascendance has impacted more than 35 000 students from 28 countries all over the world in the last six years and the best part is ascendance has managed to do so much while being run by students aged 8 to 25 years old.

Ascendance has created a platform for youngsters to discover what they truly love to do and how they can start impacting the world through it it starts with being aware of yourself aware of your potentials aware of how much good you can do to the world.

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