“Looking for the Best in Every Situation” by Harsha Ravindran (2015)

How to See the Brighter Side of Things!

What do you do when everything goes wrong, when you’re sure that there is definitely no bright side to the situation? Surely there can’t be something good in every situation? Well, actually there can be!

According to the Law of Opposites (www.ascendancepro.com), there’s always something good in every situation, no matter how negative it is. Same thing goes for the opposite, there’s something bad in every situation, no matter how positive it seems.
I know it seems easy to see the brighter side of things when you’re reading it in some article, but it isn’t really that simple to put into practice. Even I find it hard to do so every now and then. But I do have a few cheat codes on how I remain positive when everyone and everything around me screams negative.

Firstly, and probably the easiest to do in a stressful situation where your emotions are rising high, is to BREATHE. You should never underestimate the power of a good, refreshing deep breath. Take a few of them, make sure you’re breathing quieten downs a bit and that it’s deep, slow and consistent. It helps you disengage with the negativity you feel.

There was once I was really sad and I couldn’t stop crying. I was shaking with emotions, which isn’t something normal to me, so I couldn’t process what to do next. At that moment even breathing wasn’t easy for me, let alone thinking anything positive. But by just keeping my head clear by focusing only on taking slow, deep breaths, I managed to slowly but surely regain control of my thoughts.

Cheat Code 2, S.I.E.P (insert link for article/ slides/ reference for what S.I.E.P is). When you’re feeling like the world’s against you and that there is no good in anything, S.I.E.P really does help. It reminds you that EVERYTHING is a lesson or test from the all- awesome Nature itself. And once you actually accept that, it becomes much easier to handle what is happening at that moment. Because in the end, it’s pretty hard to be mad or upset if you understand that Nature just wants you to grow and be better.

This helps me out a lot, too. There was this time where I was in a whiny victim state where I felt that nobody was listening to my point of view (Probably because I was wrong in the first place). But doing S.I.E.P and remembering that the whole situation was happening for me to learn something actually made me stop being so defensive and try looking at the situation from someone else’s point of view. It helped me look for the lesson instead of making myself look right.

The next tool, what goes around comes around. (The Law of Energy Returns Back to Source- www.ascendancepro.com) This normally helps me out when my mind refuses to snap out of it or do S.I.E.P. Basically, I tell myself that the more negative thoughts I send out, the more negative results are going to come around back to me. And obviously, if you’re having a bad day, you wouldn’t want to have an even worse day in time to come.
An example of cycles you don’t want coming back to you is like when I emotionally complain about things to my friends and we collectively whine and complain about someone, something or a certain situation. Sometimes, just talking about something negative is enough to ruin your mood for the rest of the day. That’s where I use this. I tell myself that I’m only giving energy to whatever it is I’m upset about and that would only make it worse. So instead, I try thinking of one or two good things about the situation to make it easier to see the good in the whole thing. That also helps give energy to the positive part of the whole situation.

Lastly, I try looking at the bigger picture. This might not work for everyone but it works miracles for me. When I look at the whole situation from a larger perspective, it makes the current problem seem small and insignificant. Like how is this one negative thing going to affect me in achieving my purpose in life? Or why does this small misunderstanding matter on the scale of the whole universe? Aren’t we just all different parts of the same whole galaxy? Or even how will this matter in 10 or 15 years down the road?

This works for me when I have many petty, little emotions that make no sense. Like when my sister and I fight over who gets to use the laptop first, it doesn’t actually make much of a difference, I could just use it after she’s finished. I would get my work done anyway. There would be no need to start a whole spiral of negative thoughts over one tiny problem.

So these are some of my tricks, hope you can use them and that they’ll be helpful to you. Have a great day and don’t forget to look at the brighter side of things!

– Harsha

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