“The Fate of Your Future is in Your Thoughts!” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

Despite popular belief, most of us aren’t always focused on what we want. Most of us are busy focusing on problems and negativity. And unless your goal in life is to hold the record for most negative person who has ever lived, I don’t think you’d want that. 

Many don’t see the importance of keeping their thoughts focused and positive. “It’s my thoughts!” I’ve heard many people say, “It’s not like anyone is monitoring them”.

Well, to the dismay of these people, the great, all-awesome force that is Nature does take into account every single thought that you think, the words you utter, the actions you do and the emotions you feel. 

How it works is, whenever you say, do, think or feel something, you are actually programming that into around 50 million cells in your body every second. And all of those cells end up becoming part of your Subconscious programming which will send out powerful vibrations to attract to you whatever you’ve programmed into it.

I know it may sound horribly confusing, but the bottom line is, all your thoughts work together to determine your future! Cool, eh?

But here comes the problem, what if you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts? Like expecting the worst to happen, judging people, or even just focusing on problems for too long. Yup, that’s right, all of that gets programmed into you as well! This is kinda why when an extremely bad or negative situation arises, it’s hard to see a solution in it. Most of the time, when a terrible situation like that occurs, we tend to focus on the problem at hand instead of how to fix it.

Even on a simpler scale, when you think or focus on negative situations over a long period of time, it would become generally harder for you to see the brighter side of things and think of an effective solution. 

Like the other day when I was having an argument with my sister. Once we were both emotionally consumed in that argument, it became much harder for either of us to see the solution to our problems and instead we just went around in circles, finding more problems to pick on.

Or maybe if you noticed when something bad happens and ruins your day, it’s often followed by loads of other bad stuff that seems like they’re waiting in line to get you.

So start looking at the brighter side of things and let this be a reminder for you to start focusing on solutions instead of problems, because in the end, the fate of your future is determined by your current thoughts! So have fun thinking!

– Harsha

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