“The Power of Words” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

“But it’s not easy, it’s actually really tough”, she explained the difficulty of the task at hand for the tenth time that day.

“I didn’t do anything, it was a wasted day!” I heard him tell at least a dozen people.

“Why is it we’re always late for everything?” she asked me, again.

These are all statements which I’ve actually heard before. By different people, in different circumstances. You probably heard one or more of those three statements before, or something similar to that. Or maybe you’ve used one or two of them, too.

But what is it that all three of these statements have in common? They were used repeatedly, and are very dramatic. Also, people normally use statements like these when their emotions are rising high. But why am I giving you all this info? What kind of point am I trying to make with these emotional, negative statements? Well, let me explain with this example.

I wasn’t feeling very well a while ago. I knew that it was really important I rested but I also knew that I still needed to get some work done. But I did make a mistake which I could have avoided if I had phrased my words carefully. I remember telling someone at that time that I wasn’t feeling well at all and I needed to sleep desperately. I said that I never got enough sleep or drank enough water and I should do so at once.

Can you see what I did there? I too used an overly dramatic statement. And at that time I said it with such emotion and continued repeating that statement and more, whenever anyone asked me how I felt. By saying things like that, I was actually just emphasizing on how sick I was; I was wasting my energy, in the form of words, and making myself sicker by saying and complaining about how sick I was.

By complaining about how sick I felt, I was using the great power of words and focusing my thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others, into making me feel worse. And this doesn’t just work when you’re feeling sick, it works every time. Words are a common trick of the Subconscious Mind to make you feed it the energy it needs.

Never. Always. Forever. Every time. Nothing. Everything. These simple words, when used wrongly, can become powerful weapons of the Sub; especially when used with strong emotions. When you say things like “You never listen to me!” or “You always get it wrong!” is it true that the person you’re talking to has never, not even once, listened to you, or got it right? 

Most of the time, we use these kind of words when we’re angry or upset and don’t actually have the time to count or double-check if that person has ‘never’ or ‘always’ done something. We assume that that person is constantly doing the same thing due to the one or two times you remember them doing so. 

Using these kind of words are also very dangerous when working on your goals. They are easy tricks that your Sub pulls to regain its strength. “I always fail!” Your old programming makes you say that so that you give energy to your failures instead of your success. “I will never get it right” The more you say it, the more power your Mind gets to make sure it goes wrong again in the future. “I didn’t do anything productive, at all, today” Your Sub is just making you say this so that it can regain its strength to make you even less productive the next day.

Reaffirmation. If you’re constantly talking about the bad stuff, only more bad stuff can come your way, through your words, thoughts and actions (www.ascendancepro.com). Sometimes your old programming would purposely slip in a few words and sentences, just to give itself strength. But the same tools that your old Sub uses against you can be used to your benefit. If you are constantly focusing and reaffirming to yourself how well you are doing, and how productive you’ve been, the exact same weapon which was once a dangerous threat, can now be a great alley.

Words, words, words. Tricky to get them right. Phrase it wrongly and your own old Sub will use it to its own benefit. But use them correctly and strengthen your new programming by leaps and bounds. So speak carefully, and may the power and great energy be with your words.

  • Harsha

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