“Nature Gives You The Tools You Need” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

“Why are we learning this?” I heard a friend of mine say, “It isn’t really important, is it?”

I smirked. To me, who was in the same class as this friend, what we were learning was actually very vital information that I could use when working on my goals. 

We were learning about surveys and responses in Math class: how to make surveys, the pros and cons of both surveys and interviews and so on. Too many of my classmates, who thought that this had nothing to do with Maths, thought it was a waste of time. But I, on the other hand, was excited to learn more about it because it could be a useful asset which I can use to get me nearer to my goals. Data analysis, interviews, asking the right questions, types of information – these were things that would come in useful when I’m working with the Ascendance team. For example, it’ll be pretty helpful to know what the right questions are to ask when interviewing someone or well, something like that.

I found it pretty cool how I was in the class at the right place and time to learn about this; I thanked Nature for giving me this tool which I could apply when working on my goals. That’s one of the phenomenal things about the way Nature works, it gets you the things you need to learn and shows you what you need to know. You might not always see the importance of what you learn when you’re sitting in a classroom reading it from a textbook, but when you can apply it in real life and figure out how it works, it would make so much sense in action. You won’t necessarily see the connection right away, but eventually some of the things that you learn as unrelated as it may seem, might be a major gift from Nature. You just have to follow your Heart, it’s the compass that tells you what you need to do, even if it doesn’t make much sense now.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” 


That’s a quote from Steve Jobs when he made a speech at Stanford, it was a real beautiful speech and you guys should probably go and check it out on YouTube or something. 

He said that when talking about how he took a calligraphy class in college and how that ended up helping him design a part of his inventions, many years later. You might not be able to see why you are learning something right now, but as long as it’s aligned with your Heart, you’ll be able to see why it was important later when you apply it in life.

Like the other day when my teammate, Matura was teaching me how to edit videos, my mind went back to around the same time last year where I was learning how to use video and music editing softwares in my Music class in school. At that time, even though I was super hyped up and excited about the assignment, it never crossed my mind that a year later what I was learning was really gonna help me out with my goals.

So remember, if Nature and your Heart put you in an environment to learn something, even if it doesn’t make sense how it can be used right away, there is always a reason behind why you’ve got to do it. Nature already prepares the tools that you need, it hands them to you in the most unsuspecting ways, you just need to be able to use them when the time comes!

– Harsha

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  1. m-9359442@moe-dl.edu.my

    I wholesomely agree with Harsha in this one. I’m pretty sure everyone has that particular classmate who always nags about how what we are studying now is irrelevant to the future when in reality, those are what going to make you become successful.


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