“Dramatic Encounters” by SanadtKumar (2016)

So let’s make things clear. We all have dramas. Some of them are personal and some of them arrive due to circumstances. So there you are, YOU, yes you! Walking past people, dramas that you can’t escape from… It truly is sad to see you like this, the current way you are. You hate yourself because of these dramas and hope for some miracle to happen like if someone could, I don’t know, kill this person, or you’d wish a tsunami would arrive to take away your life or something…slowly you fade, lying into these dramas and losing your consciousness, your goals and your heart….

I just made one hell of a drama there! Haha! Well, what I’m trying to say is that indirectly, you’re stuck in these dramas, then the undisputed question is, how do I get out from it. By this point you’d be at the edge of your seat dying to know the solution, how do I get out of this?! Well, no conspiracy theory here ( Oops…spoiler alert), all you need is to think truthful thoughts, utter truthful words and take truthful actions…

WHAAT?! Yeah, that’s basically it. All you need to do is to have truthful thoughts in the sense that you speak your mind without filters, and to speak only the truth, never a lie and take truthful actions by working on your goals. By doing this, you will naturally listen to your heart and you’ll attract only the necessary things needed; I mean that’s how the Law of Vibration and Attraction (www.ascendancepro.com) works.

In these dramas that you have in your life are important lessons to be learnt. Aware of that, you must be! Nature wants this to happen as there is a lesson to be taught. It may be that one should voice out his or her opinions regardless of what the other person may think.

For example, let’s say that two people are having a relationship. You slowly realize that this person is using you. You’re stuck in a scenario where if you’d voice out, havoc would arise yet a resolution can be made. Nevertheless, if you don’t voice out, things will forever be smooth, but you’ll have to carry the burden and live a fake life. Forever is sorrow yet you smile just so others think that you’re happy. Sounds scary but many individuals are stuck in such scenarios merely because of their senses. If you had thought about the consequences of your relationship before becoming actively involved, you wouldn’t be stuck here.

You are the cause of all things that happen to you regardless of good or bad. You can CHOOSE to resolve the conflict or die carrying all the burden. Well, here’s what I think you should do first. Ask yourself this, “ Why am I stuck in this drama? Is it my fault? Do I need to apologize? Do I need to correct something? What am I supposed to learn from this?”, and so on. As you uncover the mysteries, you see things clearer and respond accordingly.

That’s it for this one. Just remember, truthful thoughts, words and actions really help when you encounter dramas. Try not to dwell on them for too long!!

– Sanadt

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