“What are You Programming?” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

Everything that you say, do, think or feel is programmed inside your Mind. Everything! Every thought you think, word you say, emotion you feel and action you do is slowly becoming part of you. The more you repeat it, the more you affirm it in your Mind, planting it firmly like a seed in soil.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about with this whole ‘programming’ business, let me break it down for you. As I said earlier, every thought, word and action you have is being programmed into your Subconscious Mind as per the Law of Sowing and Reaping (www.ascendancepro.com). As you repeat it over and over again, whether you are rethinking something multiple times, or saying something over and over again, you slowly form habit patterns. They could be regular habit patterns, like the ones you use in your everyday life or other things like thought patterns which actually confine your thinking or maybe even something else entirely. 

The point is, everything you do is being programmed within you. That means all the novels you are addicted to reading, shows you watch hour after hour, the catchy songs you listen to quite often and so on. And all these things aren’t exactly good things. Having dramatic shows and peculiar novels programmed in you isn’t exactly the dream. 

Especially if you want to achieve something in life, like follow your Heart and achieve your dreams and goals. Some of these things which you unintentionally end up programming in your Mind could actually stand in your way of turning your dreams into a reality, stunting your personal growth and in the long run, stopping you from being happy.

Despite this, I agree that it’s pretty impossible to immediately stop all un-goal related entertainment and situations around you forever. I too admit that that’s a kinda crazy thing to do. But I do admit, reducing and minimizing the time you spend watching unrelated television shows and reading unhelpful novels will help in leaps and bounds. And that’s coming from me, a person who, prior to learning about goals, used to spend countless hours, in fact my entire day doing all these aimless,  time filling, stuff.

And though now, I have tremendously reduced all of those external sources of unrelated entertainment, I still watch movies decently often and might occasionally watch an episode or two of a random show on the Internet every once in awhile. I’m just way less addicted to doing all those stuff and I’m relatively focused on my goals in comparison to the times where watching TV was my main highlight of my day.

But as I was saying earlier, I still do watch or read something unrelated to my goals, sometimes, but I’m more wary about how it affects my programming.

Like for example, the other day, I ended up watching two back-to-back episodes of this sitcom on the Internet. It was pretty late at night, which wasn’t really a good thing given that I was about to go to sleep and that anything that you do before going to bed gets even more easily programmed into Mind. So I countered it by staying up a little longer and watching a couple of episodes of Coffee with ET, which was obviously more goal-related and more helpful to my programming than some TV show.

It doesn’t fully counter the effect that the sitcom left on my programming but it does help reduce it a little. So hopefully when I slept, the Coffee with ET episodes sunk into my programming more than sitcom did. But it doesn’t always have to work in exactly that way. I’m sure you’ll find your own ways to get your programming sorted out, you just need to take the effort to do so. So go figure it out!

– Harsha

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