“Overcoming Your Fears” by Heerraa Ravindran (2016)

You know those times when you get nervous but deep down you know you can do it? Or times when you’re super confident but your brain doesn’t coordinate properly and you think you’ll end up screwing things up? The last one probably confused you, so I’m gonna share with you my personal experience.

In case you don’t already know, I love performing, mainly singing my guts out in front of loads of people. Now, despite the fact I’ve done this “performing” thing quite a number times, I still get this nervous feeling before I go on stage.

Now when I’m onstage, that’s a completely different story. I’m much calmer and I’m trying to also relax myself and get into my performer mode. Here’s the thing, lately, a couple of times when I’m onstage, I get the song I’m playing wrong. That’s normal and all and that sometimes happens when you’re nervous. But listen to this, I was playing my own songs…. People don’t really mess up their own songs, and I’ve practiced this like a ton of times. My brain actually knew what to do, but somehow, my fingers would literally play something else. If you were in the audience at those shows, you’d see my stunned and confused expression…

I have a feeling it’s just my subconscious mind (www.ascendancepro.com) trying to get me frustrated and discouraged from performing. The thing is, I’m actually more confused as to why my fingers keep playing the wrong chords even though they already know by heart what to do. And it didn’t just happen once, but like three or four times.

And what do I do differently? I try to stop reacting so much to the mistakes but instead focus on fixing it on stage and making each show better than the last.

So each time I get nervous, or I play something wrong (even though I wrote it), I take it as a way Nature is preparing me for the big time. Better make those ridiculous mistakes now instead of when I’m playing in front of a queen or something, right? I guess, one of the lessons here for me is to not take all these little “failures” as though it was a major blow to my career. Like, taking a chill pill once and awhile. I hope you learned something from my experience. Just keep on pursuing what you love!

– Heerraa

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