“To Cry or to Laugh….That is the Question…” by SanadtKumar (2016)

This one is a deep one indeed. So remember the times where you laugh, and laugh and laugh. Merely because you feel like it. Because laughing makes you happy. Let me make myself clear. I’m not talking about those who keep all their grudges inside, burning their inner self with feelings like rage and revenge, but laughing, to ease the burden. I’m talking about the laughs you make when you’re beside your pet dog. As he licks you, knowing that you’re there for him. That’s the laugh I wanna see.

Well, sometimes it’s hard to laugh. Sometimes, it’s easy to cry… So let’s split this one. Let’s begin with crying. People cry for obvious reasons. Because there’s pain and sorrow inside. Some of us cry merely to seek attention. Some of us think that making a lot of noise and crying can heal problems. We cry so hard, for so many emotionally complex reasons, but we hesitate to shed a tear for the poor. Here’s my take on it. These emotions, they’re getting to you. The more you follow PEIS, the more of these emotions, attract you will. 

I think that one should cry because he feels like crying. Because he sees the need to cry, perceives it, and gouges his eyes out (in tears….not like literally). I guess the way to do that is to simply listen to your heart. As you progressively pursue a truthful life, all the burdens/ dramas/ emotions will fade. And slowly, if you feel the need to cry, you cry because you choose to do so.

Whoa…..okay, that was kinda negative. Wanna hear a joke? Why so serious, son? Let’s put a smile on that face! If we laughed for everything, we’d end up like The Joker too…. We laugh because our senses see something funny. We also laugh when we are positively engaged with, in terms of physical, emotional or intellectual terms. Some of us laugh at the growth or despair of others. Some laugh because they see no point in living. So when do we laugh?

Well you see, the answer is the same. As long as you listen to your heart, and as you consistently embark on a truthful life, you will choose the need to laugh. You will laugh because you are truly happy. Holding no grudges against anyone, not being blinded by ego or lust, not putting on a mask, not afraid that someone will criticize you but merely because you want to laugh your posterior off!

I hope that in time to come, we see people laughing. I hope in time, we see people crying. Both because they truly want to. That is a scenario worth smiling for and a scenario worth sobbing for.

– Sanadt

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