“Staying Centered” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

Tips on How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

As much as we all love our goals and would do anything for them, there are times where we just aren’t motivated to do anything. I have those times too. Times when obstacles are plentiful and distractions run around right front of you. And there are also times, where nothing seems wrong and everything’s fine, but I just can’t seem to focus on my goals at all!

It could be those times when you aren’t feeling so well, or maybe after a defeat or setback; but let’s face it, we all have times where the light of motivation isn’t shining right at us. So that brings me to this next question, what can we do about it? 

Believe it or not, there are ways to inspire yourself to get working on your goals which actually work. Not all of these might work for you, but they work for me. So if you’re stuck in a rut, keep an open mind and try them out.

There was once I was pretty demotivated on working on my goals, I think I just didn’t know what to do and was stuck at a temporary setback. Then, I remembered something my mentor told me, see the end goal. I visualized my end goal, basically I tried seeing myself, with my goal achieved and how things would be like then. And it actually worked, to be able to see your goals come true, just like how it would be if they were right in front of you, is pretty motivating to get you going.

Being able to see your goals right in front of you gets your sense of sight involved, it makes things feel more real. Try including your other senses too! Maybe in your visualization, you can see yourself eating that expensive dinner that you’ve always dreamed of trying as a celebration for achieving your goals. Try imagining the smell of the food, the way it taste; maybe if it was French food you were craving, you are actually in France eating it. Think of the way the flavor bounces off on your tongue, the sound of the busy streets of France, subtly hidden in the background. The feel of the table under your fingers. Be creative! Let your imagination pamper you, motivating you to want to achieve your goals. 

There was this other time when I was down and I didn’t know why I was demotivated. Everything was going fine, but for some reason, I couldn’t feel anything for working on my goals. Even visualizing it wasn’t easy. So what I did was I looked at photos and Facebook posting of me working on my goals. I saw how fun it was, all the small successes I had, how awesome it was to work with my crazy team of people and felt myself going back to working on my stuff. And it actually did help me center myself back on my goals. It reminded me how fun it was to work on my goals and that it was not a burden that I had to do. 

That keeps me centered. It reminds me how enjoyable working on your dreams can be and how good it feels when you’re doing something that gets you there. 

Another time, I really didn’t feel like studying for an upcoming exam, I was just really lazy, yet I knew that passing my exam was an important part of my goal. So I went on Tumblr and found many study blogs with inspiring pictures on notes, memos, ideas, and many other things that motivated me to work on my goals.

I guess a big part of staying centered to your goals is also how much you believe in yourself and your goals. If you’re constantly having fun working on your goals, then it would be easier to be anchored to it. Also, when it comes to moving and being productive, motivation and willpower do help a lot and would easily benefit you. These are just some of the ways I stay focused. Try and experiment with your own methods of keeping yourself on the track to your dreams. Have fun and good luck!

– Harsha

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