A different take on ‘Being Truthful’ by Harsha Ravindran (2015)

How many of us are really truthful? How many of us can say that we practice the Truth in every single situation that we come across? Well, let’s be honest here, then. Even I’m not a hundred percent truthful, even though I’m trying to be. But sad to say, a large part of the world doesn’t even see the importance of being truthful (www.ascendancepro.com) at all.

So let’s start simple. Why is it the very thought of being truthful can shake even the toughest or the strongest of people?

It’s because they aren’t ready to face up to their own truths. They get through their days with lies and deceit and fear that they would one day be discovered. And the saddest part is, behind their lies and manipulations, even they do not know who they really are. Some have even gone to the extent of convincing themselves that the lies they tell are actually the truth.

Don’t worry, even I used to be like that. I used to be able to lie magnificently and I would never get caught. But then I saw the damage that I was causing to my mind, I saw how fake I was. I was not able to admit to myself the basic things that everyone should be able to say; my mistakes, my flaws and my strengths.

If you don’t know what they are, then you know you aren’t actually truthful to yourself. We always lie to ourselves when we make mistakes, we try to convince ourselves that we didn’t do anything and push the blame to someone else.

Like once, I didn’t practice enough on one of my songs for band practice. Even though I did try to do it, I ended up following the wrong tab. Instead of accepting the blame of practicing the wrong thing and not double checking it, I blamed everyone else instead. I blamed the person who wrote the tab, the amount of time I was given (I said that the time I was given wasn’t enough) and all sorts of other external people or things that wasn’t me.

Instead of blaming everyone for everything, I could have actually taken the extra effort and checked all the tabs and allocated my time properly instead of complaining about it.

You see, it was my mistake, I could have agreed that I was the one to blame but instead, I pushed the fault to everyone else. And the best part was that I didn’t want to believe that I was at fault.

As for the part about admitting our flaws, everyone wants to believe that they are perfect. Not many would take the time, (or would want) to look at the things that they themselves aren’t good at. We try to be the best at everything and we shy away or avoid situations when we know that we aren’t.

It takes time for us to begin being truthful. You don’t have to start straight away. It will take time. Just remember, being truthful is not about what people on the outside think about you, it’s about what you think about you!


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