“Stuck in a Rut?” by Heerraa Ravindran (2016)

For a couple of hours (I would like to say days but that’s being over dramatic), I’ve been stressing out about how I only can write songs with a certain melody. Long story short, they basically sound like they all have the same melody. I guess you could say I’m “stuck in a rut”.

Now, when you’re in a rut it might seem impossible to get out. How does one find a solution if one has no ideas? One thing you can do is make the best out of the situation. If you’re an artistic person, enjoy this moment because you’ll probably miss this feeling eventually (weird right, bear with me here). Maybe the reason why you’re in this situation is because Nature is trying to teach you a lesson. It could be to appreciate your ideas more or maybe improve and work on ones that you’ve already come up with. Once you’ve learned the lesson Nature is trying to teach you, I’m sure the creative ideas would just keep flowing in.

In the meantime, like I said before, make the best out of the situation. Maybe you can work on other aspects of your life, like your happiness or health, for example. If I hadn’t been in this musical rut, I would have never wrote this article, And to be honest, I actually forgot about all the Ascendance work I had because I was solely focusing on my music. I guess this is Nature’s way of reminding me and getting me back on track and well, making me balance out my life. 

And one more thing you can do, keep persevering to “escape” from this rut. If you’re lacking new ideas, keep trying to think of new ones, even though it seems like you’re getting the same idea over and over again. Don’t get frustrated. Persevere. Throughout the day I was trying to come up with ideas, and now, not only do I have a lot of ideas about what I can write about, I’ve also managed to solve my music problem. I’ve got an idea! Just think, if I had given up on this quest earlier in the day, none of this would ever happen. All the ideas would have never flown through me. I suppose this is Nature’s master plan and I can assure you Nature is definitely teaching me a lesson. I’m just not exactly sure what the lesson is.

In this case, isn’t being “stuck in a rut” a good thing?

– Heerraa

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