“The Hidden Mirror” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

A mirror is usually pictured as a beautiful, reflective glass surface. Where upon if you look in it, you would be able to have your very own image reflected upon it.

But here’s a secret; there are mirrors more powerful than those made of glass. These mirrors don’t usually reflect your features or physical aspects but they can reflect almost everything else about you.

So where do you find these kinds of mirrors? Everywhere. 

Believe it or not, the most accurate reflection of you isn’t hidden behind a shiny glass surface, it hides in every single person and situation you come across; it mirrors your very thoughts, words and actions. Even whatever you’ve previously thought, the way you’ve acted and your mindset can be shown clearly with every person that crosses paths with you.

Scientifically, this is because the vibrations that the atoms that make you produce, attract similar vibrations in the form of people, situations and things. If your vibrations aren’t similar or completely different, it would be very unlikely that you’d meet that person or encounter that situation. Thus, everything, everyone, and every situation that you come across is similar and just a reflection of your own vibrations. (This is called the Law of Vibrations and Attractions, you can get more information and see how it works in every part of your life at www.ascendancepro.com)

As much as many people know this and go around telling people that “Everyone is a reflection of you” and things like that, many actually fail to see and truly accept what it means. Even I can’t quite grasp the full extent of what it means, but seeing myself reflected in the people around me has changed my perspective of the world outside of me a bit.

You see, if EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is just a reflection of you, then what does that make the person who annoys you constantly? What does the person you hate mean to you right now? What do you think of the person who you yelled at for doing a stupid mistake on the road while you were driving? Or the waiter you glared at who brought you ice water instead of warm water?

All these people, even the ones who you meet in a passing turn, are you! They show only the characteristics that you possess and nothing else. Every little flaw or imperfection which you meticulously pick out from them are the qualities that you have within yourself. You might see it in a different form or a different way but there is something in that person that just screams you! 

There were a couple of times I met people who are exactly, without a difference, like me. They represent different characteristics of me, from different places and different times. 

One of the first times I saw myself so clearly in a complete stranger was when I met this guy. He resembled exactly how I was about a year ago. And for the first time, I realized how annoyingly egoistic I used to be. He asked similar questions to what I used to ask, in the same tone of voice and the similar air of superiority. It kinda scared me; to be able to see how I was written in someone else. I saw the way I used to talk to people and my thoughts at that time reflected in the way I acted and the things I said. 

Seriously though, it was pretty creepy. But I couldn’t hate myself, I understood that it was a learning process he was going through and that probably I needed to talk to him at that moment to learn more about myself, present, past or future. 

Seeing yourself in someone else can really start putting things into a new light. You can see the things you would do and how it looks like from the other side; I guess it is pretty fun. But you really learn a lot about yourself. Again, I can’t really see the whole picture and I haven’t mastered the art of seeing into this hidden mirror all the time. But I see it much more now, I see it in my friends, family, sometimes strangers and all lot of other random people. Being able to see yourself in others makes you feel more compassionate to everyone you come across. It’s like staring in a room full of mirrors, you might not like every reflection of yourself that you see but you know in the end it’s the same person.

– Harsha

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