“Your Environment” by Mathura Kannan (2016)

Environment. It is one of the most important factors to achieve your goals.

Personally, I have observed the effect of my environment on myself and my progress towards goals. Spending time at home with my family rarely motivates me to take goal related actions. I would rather sleep or stare at my phone. Going for my weekly meeting with the ET Ideas Associates motivates me to take goal related action while having loads of fun. Going for my classes at college stresses me, sucks me into the ‘system’ yet motivates me to study.

So my many different environments help me to do many different things.

One of the examples I have heard regarding the influence of environment and will gladly repeat is:

In schools, the students are separated into classes based on their performance in examinations. Let’s say you take a child from the fifth class who does not study or revise unless supervised by the teacher and you put him in the first class where the kids are always studying. I am not exaggerating when I say always. What will happen to this kid?

Eventually, this kid will begin to study without the teacher’s supervision as well. Why? THE ENVIRONMENT! The environment will influence him and eventually he will adapt himself to the environment to ‘survive’ or ‘fit in’.That is why parents had these tendencies to ask their kids to spend more time with the ‘smarter’ students.

The power of environment is the reason statements such as ‘Be careful of the friends you make’ came about.

Now, we know that our environment is important but why exactly is it so important? How does it affect us?

Every thought and emotion that we produce will get programmed into all the cells in our body. So if your thoughts are mostly related to your goals, your cells along with your subconscious mind will be programmed to be focused on your goals. Placing yourself among individuals who are already goal-oriented, will influence you to think, speak and do things which are related to your goals mostly. This will in turn slowly change your subconscious mind’s programming. And based on The Law of Vibration and Attraction (www.ascendancepro.com) you will attract to you the things which have similar vibrations to yourself (your programming), which could be resources, opportunity or obstacles which help you get closer to your goal.

So, if you have already set a goal for yourself, find individuals who have thoughts, words and actions which are relevant to your goals. Be very careful of the environment you are at, as the vibrations there influence you. Having a supportive and goal oriented environment is going to make you progress towards your goals faster than if you were just doing it on your own in a ‘hostile’ environment. 

All the best!


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