“Watching The Environment Around You” by Harsha Ravindran (2016)

The environment that surrounds you depends solely on you! Your thoughts, words and actions attract the situations and people around you to form your environment so that you can learn. But here’s the thing, even if you and someone else may look like you are in the same environment on the outside, you could both be actually living in two completely different worlds.

Let me clarify with an example. So a while ago, my sister and I returned from school and were telling my mom about our days in school. As we were telling our stories, we noticed that our days were completely different and we’re the opposite of one another. Sometimes we had the same characters in our stories; like teachers or friends that we have in common; acting completely different in the tales we tell. 

This can be pretty weird, especially since we go to the same school where everyone knows everyone. Yet, my days were full of comedic situations while hers were mostly serious stuff. Looking back at our environment, we tried to match it up with the thoughts we had. For example, since she was now in her final year, there are quite a few teachers and a couple of her friends getting more stressed out about her coming exams, thus probably making her thoughts a little bit more freaked out about her exams without her consciously knowing. And that in turn, would be reflected into her environment giving her the uptight, study conscious atmosphere that engulfs her surroundings at school.

Her thoughts make her environment. Just like how my more carefree and relaxed thoughts got me my fun and entertaining environment. Whatever you think, as per the Law of Vibration and Attractions (www.ascendancepro.com), will be mirrored in the environment around you. If you change from the inside, your outside will be forced to match it. Once you decide to change your thoughts, words, actions and feelings, the personalities of people and the situations around you will change as per your thoughts.

Sometimes your change in thoughts would cause you to move out of your old environment, or for your old environment to move away from you. People who you once thought were your carbon copies might start to drift away. But don’t worry, it happens so gradually that you don’t really feel anything about it. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that the people around you start disappearing. Sometimes, it could be their personality or the way that they react or respond that is different. If you watch carefully, you might even see the similarities you share with those people.

There was this once teacher I had in school who was really scary and made all the students live in fear or annoyance. But after I changed my thoughts about this teacher, she actually became one of my favorite teachers who is actually really nice and funny. At first, I thought I might have been hallucinating, but even my friends, who had little knowledge of the Law of Vibration and Attractions and environments, had to agree that she had become way cooler. It wasn’t just my thoughts, it was the combined thoughts of many of my classmates. As we changed what we thought, she changed too! Cool, isn’t it?

Another thing about looking at your environment is that if you watch carefully, you might even see the similarities you share with the people around you. After learning that my environment was a mirror image of me, I started seeing my friends, families and even strangers that I come across, displaying similar characteristics to me. This includes both the good and the bad, as both extremes can be found in every single person (The Law of Opposites- www.ascendancepro.com). 

This information helps a lot when you’re about to get mad, annoyed or emotional over something someone did because it reminds you that if everything is a reflection of you, then why are you finding fault in yourself? I mean, you can’t be mad at someone for doing what you would, or probably, have done before!

I hope this helped show you how ‘reflective’ the world outside can be. So if you aren’t happy about something in your life, change it by changing your thoughts, words and actions!

– Harsha

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