“What’s my priorities?” by Heerraa Ravindran (2016)

Now I know priorities sound like a big, scary word, but it doesn’t have to be. Priorities are the things you specially make time for, be it people you love like family or your hobbies and the stuff you love to do. So how do we sort out if something is a priority or not?

Like I said, priorities for me are things which are really important to me and I deeply care and love doing. Simple stuff like spending time with my mum and sis makes me happy so I make it a point to just do the little things like give them a hug when I can’t spend tonnes of hours with them.

Another thing would be studying. Wait, wait, don’t start groaning just yet, I’ll try to convince you that even studying can be turned into something you love to do. Now, sometimes (initially), you may not like what you’re doing but you did commit to it, so you have to keep to your promise and carry it out and make it a priority to finish what you started.

Like with schoolwork, initially, I didn’t quite like it, but now I’m getting more and more interested with what I do, that I make finishing my homework on time a priority. (Plus, if you think about it, it’s nicer having your teachers not shout at you instead of them getting upset when you don’t do your work.)

Studying is important, since you did commit to it, so if you are struggling to make it something you love, make it fun, try a new studying method or something. Keep trying different stuff out until something works!

Now here’s my favourite part of the article. One of my main priorities are my goals – basically whatever my Heart wants me to achieve. So, if I have a lot of things that I make as a priority, how do I choose which to do first?

Honestly, I do try to do a bit of everything, everyday. As you keep working consistently on your goals, it’ll eventually become a habit pattern and you’ll be able to do all the things you want to do in a shorter period of time. Anyway, I also think of it as quality of my work, rather than the quantity of work I can do.

What I try is, I do as much as I can, doing the ones with the closest deadline first, and if I can’t do it today, I’ll try my best to do it tomorrow. Now, don’t get me wrong, pushing stuff to tomorrow might mean you never get around to doing it, but change is slow remember? (http://ascendancepro.tumblr.com/post/127609430526/change-begins-with-small-steps-have-you-ever-had)

And I get that juggling quite a lot of things at once can be difficult to manage, but just keep to it. Eventually, your subconscious will figure out how to do it all. Plus, you’re doing all the things that you love, so remind yourself that whenever you feel like you’re being burdened down. I also admit I’m not an expert on this myself, but I’m trying my best and I too know I’ll get there eventually.

So keep working on your goals, know your priorities and get things done now!

– Heerraa

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